Tips on Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

Tips on Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

Tips on Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

Making the decision to have plastic surgery, whether it is elective or reconstructive, is a big deal. Even though some cosmetic work is voluntary, it is still surgery and has serious risks. It is not a decision that should be entered into lightly, and once you have made the choice to undergo plastic surgery, you should do lots of research to be sure that you are well educated and prepared for your procedure. One of the most important things to research before choosing to go under the knife is choosing the right plastic surgeon.

When it comes to plastic surgeons, you have plenty of options. However, not all of those options are created equally, and it is up to you to do your due diligence and make sure the surgeon you plan to use is up to par. Some of the most important things to check for when investigating plastic surgeons include:

  • Licensure

Any physician or surgeon, including plastic surgeons, must be licensed by the state of Florida to work here. It is quite easy to check a doctor’s license status using the state’s convenient searchable database. Dr. Watt’s state license number is ME138818 and more information can be found here.

  • Education

Before they are able to apply for a license to practice medicine in Florida, physicians and surgeons must complete rigorous education requirements that include many years of school beyond a bachelor’s degree, along with a residency and possible internships. Physicians desiring to specialize in a particular field of medicine will also have additional education and training in that specialty.

In addition to undergraduate education in biomedical science and physics, Dr. Watt also boasts medical training from the Medical College of Wisconsin along with a six-year plastic surgery residency at the University of South Florida. There’s no doubt that Dr. Watt has had the training required to complete a wide variety of plastic surgery procedures!

  • Experience

Another important factor when choosing a plastic surgeon is real-world experience. You’ll want to find as much information online as possible about the surgeon’s history, including any disciplinary actions. Reviews from actual patients are invaluable and can give you a better understanding of how the surgeon practices and cares for patients post-surgery.

Another easy way to see the exact quality of work a plastic surgeon does is by asking for before and after photos. Dr. Watt makes many before-and-after photos available on his website so that anyone can see the quality of his work!

  • Chemistry

Once you’ve checked all of the written credentials, it’s time to see if the surgeon makes sparks fly, so to speak. A surgeon can be extremely well qualified to perform a procedure, but if you just don’t click with them, you may not feel comfortable going under the knife. The only way to know if you mix well with a surgeon is to meet them in person for a face-to-face consultation. This is the best time to ask any questions you may have about the information you discovered during your research, and also to gauge how compatible your personality is with your surgeon’s. 

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