This is for the woman who doesn’t want to spend hours getting ready in the morning. With eyelash extensions, there’s no need for clumpy mascara and fancy eye makeup. Soft and feathery? Bold and striking? We can go as natural or dramatic looking as you’d like.

  • $200 for a full set (your first visit)

  • $75 for a fill after 2 weeks

  • $85 for a fill after 3 weeks


Are lash extensions permanent?

They are semi-permanent. Your body replaces your lashes naturally every 2-3 months. Your extensions will fall out weekly with your real lashes! You can expect to come in to upkeep your lashes every 2 or 3 weeks if you want to maintain the extensions over a long period of time. Aja will replace those lashes that have fallen out and will keep your look full and new!

Do lash extensions make your natural lashes fall out?

No, when applied by a licensed esthetician/ lash artist, eyelash extensions won’t harm your natural lashes. Your body will replace your real lashes over time, and the extensions simply fall off whenever your real ones are ready to go!

How long will lash extensions take?

Your initial full set (classic lash set) will take 2 hours, and a fill takes 45 minutes to an hour. It’s a time to rest your eyes, relax, and even take a nap!

Can I get lash extensions if I wear contacts?

Of course! Simply wear glasses the day of your appointment, or bring a case for your contacts.

Can I wear mascara with lash extensions?

While technically you are “allowed” to wear non-waterproof mascara with your extensions, we do not recommend it. The beauty of lash extensions is that you don’t need mascara. Your lashes will look full and dark without the added makeup.

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