Breast Surgery

Watt Plastic Surgery believes that most women, and men, want, and deserve, to  present themselves in the very best light. Breast Surgery, specifically cosmetic breast surgery, creates long-term changes to how you look and feel about your breasts. Breast enhancement, breast lift, or breast reduction cosmetic surgery will leave you feeling more confident and comfortable in your own skin. Whether you are experiencing breasts that are too small, too large, too saggy, or breasts that are asymmetric and don’t look alike, Watt Plastic Surgery can help. The goal of plastic surgery is to create a natural looking transformation to make you feel and look your best. This surgery is for those wanting to enhance or restore their breast appearance to help enhance or restore their confidence or outlook on life. 

Cosmetic Breast Surgery is one of the most common procedure done at Watt Plastic Surgery and Med Spa. Every year, we perform hundreds of breast surgeries in our fully JCAHO accredited, confidential, and comfortable on-Site surgery facility. In most cases, you can return to normal non-strenuous activities the next day.



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