Watt Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa is proud to offer you the latest technology in non-invasive, non-surgical fat reduction. Vanquish is an innovative non-surgical technique that targets stubborn fat in the abdomen, flanks and back area and thighs. Vanquish treats the area by using radio frequency energy to selectively heat up stubborn fat cells, just enough for them to breakdown and be naturally flushed away by the body.

Vanquish Fat Reduction is ideal for candidates whom are healthy with a reasonable level of fitness that may still have localized fatty tissues and have the desire to have contouring procedure without downtime or anesthesia.

Results vary from patient to patient; On average, patients can see 1-4 inches of fat reduction 4 weeks after completing their last treatment. During treatments, many patients will feel mild to moderate heat sensation, equivalent to a “heating pad.” There is no noted pain or discomfort associated with the Vanquish treatments.

Treatments are typically 30 minutes to 45 minutes long, and we recommend 4-5 treatments with 7 days to 10 days in between treatments for you body to naturally flush away the wasted fat. Since there is no down time, patients can go back to their regular duty after treatments with most treatments being done during lunch time.



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