Tubular Breast Correction

Tubular Breast Correction

Breast hypoplasia, or “tubular breasts,” is a condition caused by a malfunction of the connective tissue. It constricts the breast’s growth and prevents the breast tissue from proper distribution.

Physical manifestations might include:

  • Breast asymmetry
  • Enlarged areola
  • Pointed or “puffy” nipple
  • Fibrous-feeling ring around the areola
  • Incomplete breast development or thin appearance

Those suffering from this issue often find themselves trying to “hide” their bodies with loose clothing or by padding their bra. If you struggle with a negative body image due to this condition, surgical tubular breast correction can provide a permanent way to improve the appearance of your breasts and restore your confidence.

Tubular Breast Correction Vs. Breast Augmentation in Less Severe Cases

For some, it may appear that only a simple breast augmentation is required. Those with less severe cases might not be aware of the breast constriction and other mild shape irregularities.

Fixing the basis of the problem before augmentation will create a more satisfying result.

Tubular Breast Reconstruction

In most cases, it is not only augmentation that is required, but a more extensive reconstruction. You might need a soft tissue expansion or removal of malfunctioning connective tissue before an implant. You can also choose reconstructive surgery without augmentation. We can help you choose the right path for your goals and your body.

Patients might choose to follow up this procedure with mastopexy or even tattooing to change the nipples’ appearance.

What To Expect from Tubular Breast Correction

Some reconstructive surgeries like those requiring the removal of connective tissue or a soft tissue expansion may require two different appointments several months apart. This will ensure proper spacing and healing before the placement of an implant. Because the tissue is expanding, full results will be seen several months after your initial procedure(s).

During your procedure, the inframammary crease (the fold below the breast) will be lowered. The breast tissue will be prepared for expansion to allow for fuller volume. Then, an implant may be put in place.

To help with initial discomfort, Dr. Watt may prescribe a pain medication. For the first few weeks after your procedure, ensure you get proper rest. Avoid heavy lifting or intense physical activity.

You will be closely monitored by Dr. Watt to ensure proper healing. Our team will help you design the proper care plan for your needs and schedule.

You deserve to feel your best, and we can help you craft a plan that’s perfect for you. Reach out to Watt Plastic Surgery today about this confidence-boosting procedure.



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