Mini Breast Lift

Mini Breast Lift

mini breast lift

Whether it’s a breast implant revision, A breast augmentation, or simply a lift of natural breast tissue, Dr. Watts internal bra is a safe and amazing procedure for anyone looking to achieve higher breasts. Depending on the degree of skin stretch and laxity, weight-loss history, and breast size, many breast surgery patients require additional internal support to maintain a beautiful shape.. A woman can get that support from Dr. Watt and his Internal Bra/ Mini Breast Lift procedure.

Dr. Watt works to give his patients the best surgical outcomes possible, which is why GalaFLEX® is on the top of the menu of services when it comes to recurrent stretch or mastopexy for those who would benefit. The Internal bra/ Mini Lift procedure can lift results by improving the ultimate shape, position of the breasts, and long-term outcomes



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