For skin care concerns including fine lines, laxity and other signs of premature aging, microneedling is an effective, minimally-invasive treatment option to consider. Also called collagen induction therapy, microneedling works to heal your skin from beneath the surface for a smoother, healthier complexion.

How Does Microneedling Work?

Fine needles are used to make miniscule punctures in the skin. This triggers the skin’s natural healing process, helping to create new skin cells that can replace dull, damaged skin cells.

Naturally-occurring collagen in the body decreases as people age, leading to a loss of volume and firmness in the skin. Microneedling combats that issue by stimulating collagen production in the skin. As your skin produces more collagen after, your complexion will appear healthier and uniform in tone and texture.

After a treatment, you’ll notice some immediate improvement to the appearance of your skin. However, as it takes time for collagen and new skin cells to develop, the results will continue to improve over time. Most patients see the best results around three to four weeks after treatment. Results will also continue to improve with each additional session.

What Can Microneedling Be Used to Treat?

A great cosmetic treatment option for many skin care concerns, including:

  • Hyperpigmentation and discoloration
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Stretch marks
    Scarring, including acne scars
  • Age spots
  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Enlarged pores
  • Loose skin

What Are the Benefits of Microneedling?

  • A minimally-invasive alternative to surgical cosmetic procedures for signs of aging.
  • Works by helping your skin heal from the inside out — no foreign substances are added or injected into the skin.
  • The treatment process only takes around 30 minutes.
  • Little to no downtime is required after, so you can resume your regular schedule immediately.
  • Safe for all skin types.

Microneedling can help your skin achieve a lasting, healthy glow without surgery. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.



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