Jeuveau® is a new form of injectable neuromodulator used in adults to temporarily improve the look of moderate and severe glabellar frown lines (between the eyebrows). Also known as Newtox or “the new Botox,” Jeuveau contains the same active ingredient used in the original cosmetic Botox injection (botulinum toxin type A). 

Jeuveau is currently only FDA-approved for treating glabellar lines. Off-label, it can also be used to treat crow’s feet, drooping eyebrows, and vertical lines in the neck.

Jeuveau has everything you loved about Botox with the added benefit of lasting up to six months.

What to Expect from an Appointment

During a consultation, you and your doctor will outline a plan for treatment, including how many sessions you need for optimal results. At the appointment, your doctor will inject Jeuveau in up to five sites between and around your eyebrows. The injections are small, and many patients report that they feel only mild discomfort during application.

The entire process takes no more than 15 minutes, and there is no downtime. You can go back to work, meet with friends or pick up the kids from school as soon as you leave the office.

Some patients notice slight results almost immediately, but full results develop in about a week. As the underlying facial muscles relax, they create a smoother, softer appearance in your frown lines.

Is This Right for You?

Women and men who are in good general health and want to refresh their appearance with an injectable product are good candidates for Jeuveau.

Doctors do not recommend this for patients with neuromuscular conditions, such as myasthenia gravis or amyotrophic muscular sclerosis (ALS). Women who are pregnant or want to become pregnant and those who are breastfeeding should not receive Jeuveau.

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