HD Liposuction

High-definition liposuction can be used to help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted — without the endless sit-ups or hours at the gym. After all, diet and exercise can often only take you part of the way towards having a sculpted, defined midsection. In this case, our high-definition liposuction treatment can bring you fast, lasting results.

What Is HD Liposuction?

hd liposuction

HD liposuction is different from traditional liposuction because it removes not only deep-seated fat, but also the fat sitting close to the surface of the skin in certain areas. This makes the muscles more visible from the surface of the skin, giving you a lean, toned physique. It can also be used to etch the abdomen and create a six-pack.

This is mainly used in the abdominal region to enhance the appearance of the abdominal muscles. But, it can also be used in many areas of the body, including the:

  • Arms
  • Shoulders
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs

Fat transfer may be completed at the same time as the procedure to improve the appearance of certain areas of the body. In this case, your doctor will remove fat from one region, purify the fat, and inject it into a different part of the body, most often to the buttocks.

Patients with good skin elasticity are ideal candidates. This ensures that the skin will re-mold to the treatment area after the fat has been removed.

Another part of HD Liposuction at Watt Plastic Surgery is Renuvion. This is a new technology that is being used to tighten the skin during your liposuction procedure. This leads to some tightening initially as well as tightening that can come during the months after surgery.

What Are the Benefits of HD Liposuction?

  • It defines the contours of your abdominal muscles, making them visible from the surface of your skin.
  • It can help patients who are struggling to lose a small amount of remaining fat through diet and exercise alone.
  • The incisions made are small and discreet, which minimizes scarring from the procedure.
  • So long as you maintain a stable, healthy weight, results are long-lasting.
  • Just a few weeks after surgery, you can return to light physical activity.

Are you interested in the unique benefits that HD liposuction has to offer? Contact us today to learn more about this remarkable advancement in liposuction technology.



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