EMSculpt is the first device of its kind to build muscle and sculpt your body. Using high intensity electromagnetic therapy, EMSculpt enlarges current muscles and grows new muscle fibers. Whether you want more defined abs or a tighter, lifted backside, this delivers the results you’ve always hoped to achieve.

The team at Watt Plastic Surgery is excited to offer this revolutionary treatment for men and women alike. EMSculpt is the ultimate choice for non-surgical fat reduction and muscle sculpting. 

How Does EMSculpt Work?

This uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to banish fat and build lean muscle. Just a single session creates thousands of powerful muscle contractions. 

In fact, the muscle contractions achieved during treatment are so powerful that they’re not possible through voluntary muscle contractions. The treatment’s high-intensity electromagnetic energy forces the muscle tissue to adapt to extreme conditions. Your muscles respond with a deep remodeling of their inner structure. 

The end result? Muscle building and body sculpting!

What Areas Can EMSculpt Treat?

It is FDA-cleared to treat five body parts:

  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen
  • Calves
  • Arms
  • Thighs

Depending on the area of treatment, your esthetician may use a large or small applicator to target muscle growth. The small applicator is especially effective to properly activate your muscles’ motor neurons by stimulating 20,000 contractions per treatment. 

What Are EMSculpt Results?

Multicenter studies using the most reputable scientific methods show that a full procedure achieves a 16 percent increase in muscle mass, so it’s no surprise that 96 percent of patients are satisfied with their results!

Each treatment is only about 30 minutes. Visit Watt Plastic Surgery for a minimum of four sessions scheduled two to three days apart for maximum, long-lasting results. Call us today to schedule your first appointment. Building muscle and sculpting your body has never been easier! 



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