Difference Between Breast Lift and Mini Lift

If you’re looking to achieve more lifted, youthful breasts, a full breast lift and a mini breast lift are cosmetic treatments available to you. While these procedures serve to improve the appearance of the breasts, both have distinct differences. Let’s go over the key differences between these cosmetic procedures so that you can select the right one for your needs. 

Breast Lift Vs. Mini Lift

A full breast lift and a mini breast lift are ideal for different types of patients. For patients with nipples that sag past the inframammary fold, which is the line at which the bottom of the breasts naturally meets the torso, a full breast lift will likely be needed to achieve the desired results. However, if the nipples are sagging only minimally or if the nipples aren’t symmetrical, a mini breast lift can help enhance the breasts’ appearance. 

Breasts change in shape over time due to a wide variety of factors. Specifically, the breasts lose elasticity and firmness, leading to sagging. The main factors that can cause the breasts to sag include:

  • Weight changes
  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • The aging process
  • Genetic factors 

Breast Lift Candidates

In a breast lift procedure or mastopexy, the breasts are lifted, tightened, and reshaped. This procedure may be beneficial for patients who are experiencing sagging breasts and stretched skin in the breast area. A breast lift can also improve the appearance of enlarged areolas or areolas that point down. 

Sometimes, whether due to age, pregnancy, or other factors, one breast may sag lower than the other. This problem can also be resolved with the breast lift procedure. 

Mini Lift Candidates

For minor cosmetic changes to the breasts, a mini lift is ideal. This procedure isn’t as involved as a full breast lift, allowing for a shorter downtime and lower cost. Women without significant lost volume in the breasts or only slight sagging can typically achieve their desired results with a mini lift. 

A mini lift also allows for less scarring than a full breast lift. This is preferable for many patients, especially those who are more susceptible to scarring than average. Mini breast lifts generally result in little to no visible scarring and will leave you with natural-looking, subtly lifted breasts. 

Dr. Watts’s Internal Bra Mini Lift Technique

At Watt Plastic Surgery, Dr. Watt developed a mini lift technique that has proven to be a wonderful solution for many patients. With this technique, Dr. Watt uses GalaFORM mesh to support breast implants or the patient’s existing breast tissue. This creates an internal bra to keep the implant from dropping into the breast pocket and helps to retain the lifted, full breasts that women desire. The mesh is dissolvable in about a year, and over the course of that year, it’s naturally replaced by the patient’s own collagen.

For more information about the breast lift and mini lift procedures, please contact us at Watt Plastic Surgery.