Breast Revision

At Watt Plastic Surgery in Tampa, we offer breast revision surgery to patients who have previously undergone breast reconstruction. Learn more about this procedure below.

What Is The Purpose of Breast Revision Surgery?

If you’ve previously had breast reconstruction surgery and are unhappy with the results, a breast revision procedure can help. This surgical treatment will improve the appearance of your breasts with new implant material.

People who have undergone this surgery may opt to have revision surgery for cosmetic reasons. Over time, the breasts can change in shape and size, causing a different result from that of the initial procedure. Revision surgery can help you alter the shape of your reconstructed breasts to fit your current goals.

In some cases, the formation of scar tissue after reconstructive breast surgery can cause uncomfortable side effects. Breast revision surgery can remove scar tissue in the area to eliminate discomfort and pain. Plus, if scarring on the breasts is visible due to scar tissue, this procedure can reduce the appearance of scarring.

Revision surgery may also resolve problems due to a ruptured implant, or allow you to switch from one type of breast implant to another (i.e. saline to silicone, or vice versa).

What to Expect from Surgery

Breast revision surgery can be done after three months have passed from the initial reconstructive procedure.

This patient is often placed under anesthesia for this procedure. The incision will preferably be made at the incision site of the initial surgery to minimize scarring.

Depending on the patient’s needs, liposuction may be performed to transfer healthy fat tissue from other areas of the body into the breasts. This practice can help achieve natural fullness in the breasts.

If scar tissue must be removed from the breasts, both the scar tissue and the implant may need to be removed in this procedure. Your surgeon would then position a new implant and close all incisions with sutures.

After revision surgery, patients generally only need to rest for a few days before resuming most regular activities.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Breast revision surgery can improve the feel of reconstructed breasts, allowing for comfort during daily activities. 
  • Breast revision surgery can update the appearance of your breasts to match your current goals. 
  • Breast revision surgery can resolve complications from a ruptured implant.
  • Breast revision surgery can update the material of your breast implant for safety, comfort, and aesthetic reasons. 

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