Breast Fat Transfer

Women who are seeking a subtle, natural-looking boost to the size and shape of their breasts may benefit from a breast fat transfer. This cosmetic procedure takes fat from other areas of the body and repositions it in the breasts, creating a fuller breast shape.

What Is Breast Fat Transfer?

This is a method of breast augmentation involving liposuction. Through liposuction, fat will be taken from an area of the body, typically the abdomen or the sides of the torso. This means that a small tube (cannula) will be inserted beneath the skin to draw out excess fat using vacuum suction. Once the fat is purified, it’s injected into the breast region to increase fullness.

Over time, the fat cells injected into the breasts may die or lead to small benign nodules. It’s important to check in with your doctor regularly after a this procedure to identify potential complications. Touch-up sessions may also be recommended to maintain the new shape of your breasts.

What Are the Benefits of a Breast Fat Transfer?

  • The results from a breast fat transfer look natural and subtle — it won’t be obvious that you’ve undergone a breast enhancement procedure.
  • No implants are involved, so no foreign substances are entering your body.
  • In a breast fat transfer, excess fat from other areas of the body is removed, which can help enhance your figure overall.
  • After a breast fat transfer, your breasts will have a soft, natural feel.
  • The incisions involved are small and discreet, so scarring is kept to a minimum.
  • This can boost your body image and help you feel more confident.

A breast fat transfer is an implant-free option for women looking to increase the size of their breasts. Contact us today for more information on this advanced breast augmentation procedure.



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