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Breast Augmentation Prep: What You Need to Know

You’ve decided to move forward with your Breast Augmentation surgery! Your surgery date is booked and you’re ready for the new you. However, there are a few breast augmentation prep items that you need to know for your surgery date.

It’s extremely important to ensure that your body’s health is in the best state possible prior to any surgery, especially breast augmentation surgery. Surgery is tough on the body. Plastic surgery is no exception. A breast augmentation procedure is considered a major surgical procedure and should be treated as such in the weeks leading up to your appointment. Prioritizing your health before undergoing general anesthesia and receiving your new breast implants will make all the difference in both your surgical procedure and your recovery.

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  • Breast Augmentation Nutrition and Diet:

Unfortunately, nutrition is often overlooked when prepping for plastic surgery. Seeing as plastic surgery of any kind focuses on bodily aesthetics, patients don’t take the health piece of surgery prep as seriously. However, as with any type of surgery, patient health is the number one priority. Taking the steps to ensure that the body is nourished to undergo surgery is necessary.

We see so many women crash dieting prior to their breast implant surgery in order to “look” their best with their new breast implants. Unhealthy and unsustainable dieting will not only affect your health overall but will leave your body weak for surgery. These diets often result in dehydration of the body, weakening of surrounding muscles, and low blood sugar- all of which can negatively impact a patient’s ability to undergo and recover from breast augmentation surgery. Patients should focus on implementing a balanced diet so that your body has the proper amount of nutrients prior to surgery thus aiding in recovery.

  • Pause on Supplements and Medications:

If you’re taking various supplements like estrogen, oral contraceptives or anti-inflammatories, stop taking them prior to your breast augmentation surgery to prevent bleeding or other complications. Be sure to discuss all of your prescribed medications and supplements with your plastic surgeon. They will help to advise you as far as when and for how long to halt on certain medications.

Surgical and patient safety will always be a top priority for your plastic surgeon. It’s imperative that patients take this advice seriously. Too often, patients will continue supplements despite the advice of their physicians. While we understand that certain medications and supplements offer benefits to daily life, they can make the breast implant surgery and recovery more difficult both on their surgeon and themselves. You can return to your normal supplement and medication routines at the approval of your breast augmentation team.

  • No Smoking:

If you are a regular smoker, it’s best to stop smoking about 4 weeks prior to your breast augmentation surgery or any surgery for that matter. This includes any nicotine-based product. The first risk of smoking is complications with general anesthesia. It directly inhibits the heart and lungs’ ability to produce oxygen which allows you to breathe on your own. Nicotine places stress on the heart and lungs, making general anesthesia more dangerous for nicotine users overall. Secondly, Nicotine naturally causes blood vessels to constrict which will limit the blood flow to various areas of the body- including your chest cavity. The lack of blood flow will negatively impact the breast augmentation recovery process

Smoking also delays the wound healing process which of course increases risk of infection at the incision site. It also inhibits the blood’s ability to produce vitamins, especially Vitamin C, that are necessary for wound healing and proper scar formation.

Ideally, patients should stop smoking about 5 weeks prior to their surgery date.

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  • Breast Implant Post-Surgery Planning:

Designate a reliable family member or friend to drop you off and pick you up before and after your breast augmentation surgery. Ensure that your emergency contacts are well-selected and that they remain available throughout the entirety of your procedure.

Fill all prescriptions prescribed by your plastic surgeon team ahead of time so that they are ready for you when you get home. You will likely be a bit uncomfortable, especially as the surgically administered pain medication wears off. It’s best to ensure that you have everything you need to stay comfortable. This includes your pain medication and any antibiotics prescribed by the plastic surgeon.

You should also buy a few underwire-free, front clasp bras to wear during your breast augmentation surgery recovery process. Our plastic surgeon team will provide you with an open front, cotton bra to go home with. However, you might want to keep a few on-hand when it comes time to change your bra. This will allow more comfort and healing for your new breast implants.

  • Relax:

Do your best to relax. We know that surgery can be intimidating. You can rest assured knowing that your plastic surgeons are highly experienced and here to ensure that your breast augmentation will go smoothly. We have no doubt that you will be happy with your implants.

Your plastic surgeon team will ensure that you are as comfortable as possible before, during, and after your procedure. If you are experiencing pre-surgical stress and anxiety, call your plastic surgeon’s office so your breast augmentation can help you manage your symptoms.

Prepping for breast surgery or any surgery at our facility is imperative to ensure that you have the healthiest, safest, and most enjoyable experience possible. Your health and satisfaction with your new breast implants are our number one priorities. Taking these steps and committing to these pre-surgical procedures will not only ensure that you enjoy your experience but will aid in the overall recovery process. The better you prepare for your surgery, the sooner you will be able to enjoy your new breast implants!

If you have more questions or concerns regarding how to prepare for your breast augmentation, the Watt Plastic Surgery team in Tampa, FL is happy to help. Feel free to call or email the office for your breast augmentation consultation.