How Botox Can Make the Face Look Slimmer

How Botox Can Make the Face Look Slimmer

When it comes to their face shape, most people want that athletic-looking “V-line” jaw to have their face look slimmer. However, this can be a pretty difficult face shape to achieve.

Face Fat and Facial “Slimming”

How Botox Can Make the Face Look Slimmer

Some people develop exercise routines to try to slim their faces so that a workout might tone the body. However, facial exercises don’t usually yield consistent results. If there is extra fat in the face, regular workout routines will lead to overall fat loss, including in the face. Fat loss cannot be targeted to a specific area.

The Real Cause of a Rounded Face

For most people, fat isn’t the issue (though it may look like it is at first glance). The real problem? They’re actually too muscular!

The masseter muscle (the jaw muscle) can grow bulky over time as it becomes “too muscular.” This can be due to genetics, TMJ, teeth grinding, teeth clenching, and more. Whatever the root problem may be, the masseter muscle can get overused, growing bulky and causing soreness and pain. These strong muscles protrude away from the face and jawbone, leading to a rounded or even square-shaped jawline.

Combatting the Masseter Muscle with Botox

Injecting Botox into the masseter muscle can slim the lower face to create a more “heart-shaped” appearance. Botox is a purified toxin that partially paralyzes the muscle. This inability to contract the muscle will keep it from growing stronger. In fact, the muscle will start to atrophy and shrink (the opposite of building muscle).

While all muscle contractions will stop after about two weeks, you’ll need to wait four weeks before you see these slimming results, as it takes time for the muscle to shrink. The effects of the Botox will last around three to six months, at which point you can receive additional injections to continue shrinking the muscle.

Once you begin to see this slimmer face shape, you will require less and less Botox to maintain your new look!

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